World of Dinosaurs

World of Dinosaurs with 4D Augmented reality experience is a richly illustrated book for all ages. Within are 28 descriptions of dinosaurs over 30 pages containing facts and opinions about prehistoric reptiles (see sample pages in the pictures). 

However, it is not just a book. A free application running on smartphones with Android and IOS turns the book into an adventure. All you need to do is download the application onto a smartphone or tablet and use it to look at the book's pages.  A three-dimensional, animated dinosaur will emerge!

The application works with 10 dinosaurs marked with an icon (Plesiosaurus, Megalodon, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, T-Rex, Ankylosaurus, Pteranodon, Carnotaurus and Quetzalcoatlus.) The application is extremely easy to use, just run it and it will work without any additional set-up requirements. It automatically triggers the camera on the device, the view displayed on the screen in the usual way. However, if you then look at a page of the book featuring one of the dinosaurs above an animated version, similar to a hologram, will appear in 3D.  This works both with the paper and electronic version of the book.

You can find the book soon in Amazon (search for tilte "World of Dinosaurs with 4D Augmented Reality Experience")

For free app search AppStore and Google play for "World of Dinosaurs AR"

You can find example of image target here to see the app in action.

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